Keep it up team Auto Kenya. (Dubai ports are the primary entry points for food products.) Once i carried 4 iPhone 5s (one was mine and the other three for my friends), 1 samsung s4 mini (for a friend) and two laptops (one was mine and one was for a friend). How to Import Clothes & Shoes to Kenya: Business Goods Logistics Explained. Rules and regulations for import of vehicles to Kenya Vehicle Age-Age of vehicle should not exceed eight years i.e. Fertilizer and farm inputs. Any other useful documents provided It’s important to note that the name indicated on the bill of lading should match with the name under your Tax Identification N… Prior to purchasing goods, they seek the services of a Somali clearing and forwarding agent. Box 48240 - 00100 Tel +254 20 281 0000 Email: If you don’t have one visit the KRA website and obtain one. The second option, which involves using agents, is the most preferred method of importing goods from Dubai. Kenya has a concrete plan for future advancement (‘Vision 2030’) and a strong focus on technology development, Agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare, and infrastructure construction. Trying to understand the costs and regulations of importing a car to Kenya can land one in a quagmire. The most recent imports of Kenya are led by Refined Petroleum ($3B), Cars ($518M), Packaged Medicaments ($454M), Palm Oil ($441M), and Hot-Rolled Iron ($410M). The best goods to import from Dubai include furniture, electronics, computers, jewelry, auto parts, lights and lighting equipment, telephones, phone accessories, textiles and others”. This is my 5th vehicle importing with Auto Kenya. I usually advise new traders to use experienced once when they are flying to Dubai.Doing this will enable them understand the dynamics of business in Dubai. FUNNY!! Kenya Customs Duty Calculator | Calculate KRA customs taxes for importing goods into Kenya from China, Dubai, UK and USA Food shipments usually are off loaded, inspected by health officials and cleared through customs within hours of arrival at port. 17:20 13 Nov 19. What is Exportation? Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has set maximum duty collected on personal effects at KHS 50,000 (US$ 500) in its latest bid to speed up clearance of passengers at the international airports. To import goods from Dubai,you need to know few procedures,which are not hectic.Dubai has become a business hub, where traders travel to buy commodities (cars,jewelry,clothes etc) cheaply and sell at profit in their home countries. To conclude, you must make sure someone you know refers you to a credible agent, otherwise you can easily lose your money to fake agents purporting to be clearing agents. The decisive factor is that over the decades, Dubai has developed a substantial community of retailers, a sophisticated import system and substantial warehousing for stock. Kenya’s economy is at a take-off. Dubai and India in this regard are quite strong on quality too. Our staff have over 17 years’ worth of experience in the shipping and export industry. Here, we shall look at the procedure set out by the Kenya Revenue Authority, the government agency that is entitled with the duty of revenue collection in Kenya. One thing that excites traders is the low cost of air ticket and the ease of accessing areas where the goods are sold. This coming week, Sportpesa midweek and Mega Jackpot tips are available. With this plan, Kenya offers promising prospects for exporters from around the world to trade with Kenya & East Africa. We are also recognised and listed in the UK Government’s Department for International Trad… Explore Visualizations. Copyrights © 2014 - 2020 All Rights Reserved. To import goods from Dubai,you need to know few procedures,which are not hectic.Dubai has become a business hub, where traders travel to buy commodities (cars,jewelry,clothes etc) cheaply and sell at profit in their home countries. Mweu Mweu. (PS-UNPACK ALL THE PHONES. We specialise in the supply and shipping new and used vehicles from the UK, for clients worldwide, including private individuals, international car dealers, governments, NGOs, Embassies (including US embassy in Nairobi), & other commercial organisations worldwide. To Export means to take or cause to be taken out of the Partner State. I found them randomly on the internet, called and within hours was set-up. Foodstuffs. Import-export agents or brokers work with both importers and exporters by helping them prepare necessary documents for exporting or importing their products. Auto import export to Dubai- The secrets to handling the procedure of shipping cars to Dubai. When products are shipped to Kenya using eligible ship options included in the Amazon Global Program, an Import Deposit Fee will be estimated and collected for the shipment. Remember: even if you used the item you bought on your trip, it's still dutiable. import duty applies at the airport.You can buy your tv in Dubai and send it through Salihya shipping company they charge 400 per kg youll receive your cargo in eastleigh in … In accordance with the provisions of Sec.73 of the EACCMA 2004, goods for Exportation shall be entered (declared) in the prescribed manner and the owner furnish customs with the full particulars, supported by documentary evidence, of the goods referred to in the entry. (For local products, buyers have the option of pay on delivery). Search from the latest available TOYOTA vehicles for buy/import direct from Japan auction to Nairobi, Kenya. An import-export agent or broker, also known as a trade agent or customs broker, is an individual or a company that sends and receives goods to and from different countries. For customers in Uganda, when processing to get a log book the following documents should be availed: 1. Shipping cars is a major task and needs a lot of paperwork and dealing with governmental norms. This is the best chance you have before Christmas... Who will save Arsenal?It seems the team is now officially married to all teams in the Premier League—it’s... Today is a special day because there will be plenty of matches in the English Premier League.Sportpesa Midweek... Today we are sending Betika Grand Jackpot predictions and Sportpesa Midweek Jackpot tips to all our VIP subscribers.... 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The most popular items at the Dubai Duty Free complex include gold, (though it is advisable to buy from Dubai's gold souk where you will get comparatively better prices), electronics, liquor, cameras and tobacco (there is a special humified room at the DDF to keep quality cigars in perfect conditions). Kenya is an agricultural country, and this means that there will always be … This coming weekend, Sportpesa Mega Jackpot tips are available for every subscriber. What to import from Dubai Indians have a stranglehold on commerce in the city, to the extent that almost every shop you visit is run by an Indian. Electronics include telephones, computers, Broadcasting equipment, insulated wire, electrical transformers, and video display among many others. Well theres quite a bit of products you can take to the Kenyan market, depending on how who you know you it shouldn't be to challenging. It’s important to note that waiting time is in most cases 2-4 weeks depending on the distance from you home country to Dubai and how fast the custom officers clear your goods. Some of the popular agents in Dubai include: Once you have identified a reliable trading partner, which you can be referred by a person who had been served by them, make sure you make payments to their account which they will use to purchase goods based on your order. We assist Kenyan buyers and importers to get TOYOTA vehicles from Japan. However, the regulations and the charges are in fact very clear. International orders are fulfilled within 15 days… 2 weeks and your product from India or Dubai is brought right to you. Consult the customs office to make sure the products you are planning to import are acceptable under Kenyan laws. This has lead to the emergence of a keenly competitive market that ensures that prices in Dubai are as much as 10 to 15 per cent lower than in neighbouring markets. Examples sanitary wares, plumbing fittings, electrical fittings, tiles, electronics and cheap jewelry. For those who plan to import automobiles in Kenya, they should put more preference on cars as they are the most demanded. If you need predictions for Sportpesa jackpots... Today’s correct score tips will generate up to Ksh90,000. Additionally, the handbook provides definitions of terms commonly used in international trade which users must familiarize themselves with. 5 Import Procedures The UAE boasts some of the most modern air and seaport facilities in the world. These tools are here purely as a service to you, for educational and informational purposes only. Also, once the agents purchase goods for you they will send a reference code to you and copy the same to another agent in your country who will clear your goods. The staff are very helpful and give you the latest update on the shipment. It costs $ 500-10,000 to fly to Dubai, spend some time there and pay air ticket, and also requires at least $ 30,000 to make significant profit if indeed you decide to overlook agents. Used Auto Kenya services for the first time and was impressed by the customer experience. Also, make sure you have an active KRA pin. A shipping solution that helps you ship goods bought from U.S and U.K shopping sites to your doorstep in Kenya. Dubai is one of the fastest growing economies and is an ideal hub to trade from all the corners of the world. Mi-tech Office Park Behind Barclays Bank Headquarters.
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